Liberty Lilac Shallow Serving Bowl

Liberty Lilac Shallow Serving Bowl

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Serve up a statement to your guests on this beautiful shallow serving bowl, the perfect platform for presenting irresistible sharing dishes to friends and family. If you want to really push the boat out, use it as an extravagant plate for those extra special moments and meals too.

The distinctive “splatter” design originates from Puglia – also known as the “heel of Italy’s boot”. Handmade and painted by a ceramics artisan who has produced pieces in the same town for 18 generations, this means no one is the same and your item is truly unique. Available in a blueberry, pistachio, burnt orange, or cranberry splatter.

Diameter: 29cm
Height: 4.1cm  
Material: Clay sourced from Montelupo and Sansepolcro, Italy

Dishwasher safe.        
UKAS food safe.            
Please do not put your Hot Pottery in the microwave or oven.